Friday, 21 October 2011

Type of function in c++

Type of function in c++. String is a collection of several characters. Here are some of the functions contained in string operations:

     For Copying a String

         strcpy (string1, string2)
         : Copy the contents of kata1 to kata2.
     To Knowing Length of String

         strlen ()

         strlen (string);
         : For the declared mereturn integer length of the string.
     combining Strings

         strcat ();

(string1, string2);
         : Attach a string 1 to string 2.
     Convert to uppercase

         strupr ()
     Convert to lowercase

         strlwr ()
         This function is the opposite of
         strupr ()
     Finding Substring

         strstr ()
         strstr (string1, string2)
     String reverse

         strrev ()

That is some of the functions contained in string operations. Here I will give examples of their use.

Example of use:

/ / suppose there are 2 pieces of string for the experiment:
kata1 char [10] = "Exercise";
kata2 char [10] = "Try";

strupr (kata1); / / change kata1 to "EXERCISE"
court <

strlwr (kata2); / / change kata2 to "try"

strcat (kata1, kata2); / / merge the string becomes "Let's Exercise"

strstr (kata1, kata2); / / substring kata2 kata1 not, because the string "Practice" does not exist in the string "Try"

strrev (kata2); / / change the string "Try" to "aboC"

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