Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bitwise operators C++ Program Language

Bitwise operators C++ are usually present in digital systems courses. However, in C + + bitwise operators are also used for the purpose of manipulating data in the form of bits. C + + provides six bitwise operators.

 Bitwise operators can only be imposed on the operator operands of type integer and character. The usefulness of these operators include access to individual bits in memory. Oerator bitwise have a lower priority than arithmetic operators.
Operator>> and <<is useful to shift the bits into an integer to the left or right. Shift bits to the left have the effect of such multiplication, while giving effect to the right such as the division.

To kebih details, note the following syntax. I will include six bitwise operators together in one program.

#include "iostream.h"
#include "conio.h"

  unsigned char x = 93;
  unsigned char y = 93;
  unsigned char a, b, c, d;
  unsigned char nilai1 = 81;
  unsigned char nilai2 = 99;

  //pergeseran kekiri
  cout<<"Nilai X sebelum digeser : "<<
  x = x << 1; //geser ke kiri 1 bit
  cout<<"Nilai X setelah digeser "<<

  //pergeseran kekanan
  cout<<"Nilai Y sebelum digeser : "<<
  y = y >> 1;//geser kekanan 1 bit
  cout<<"Nilai Y setelah digeser : "<<

  //operasi atau, dan, XOR
  a = nilai1 | nilai2; //operasi atau
  b = nilai1 & nilai2; //operasi dan
  c = nilai1 ^ nilai2; //operasi XOR

  cout<<"a = "<<a<<endl;
  cout<<"b = "<<b<<endl;
  cout<<"c = "<<c<<endl;

  d = ~nilai1; //komplemen dari nilai1
  cout<<"Nilai1 Setelah dikomplemen : "<<d<<endl;


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