Sunday, 23 October 2011

C++ Escape Sequence Characters

C++ Escape Sequence Characters. Well, you probably already learned a lot about C + +. In C + + there are some special characters that writing a short but very useful in a program. Special characters with escape sequences are called characters.

Well, here is the escape sequence characters in C + + are:

\ 0: character zero or air-ASCII character zero.
\ a: to sound the beep sound
\ b: to backspace
\ f: to replace the page (formfeed)
\ n: to create new balls (newline) function the same as endl
\ r: to go back to the start line or carriage return
\ t: for horizontal tab, function the same when we typed in the word, then press the tab key on the keyboard
\ v: to create a vertical tab
\ \: To make the character \
\ ': To make the characters'
\ ": To create a character"
\? : To create a character?
\ ooo: oktalnya value for the character as much as three octal digits
\ xhh: heksadesimalnya value for the character as much as two-digit hexadecimal

That excape sequence characters in C + +. Hopefully this information useful for you all.


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