Friday, 21 October 2011

Download How to Install Borland C++

Download How to Install Borland C++. Hi all friends, I've just finished upload Borland C + +. What is Borland C + +?
Borland C + + is a C + + compiler that is very popular because of its speed compile and execute the program from the syntax that we make. With this program, you can learn a lot about the programming language C + +, as well as for you who want to learn C + +, but it does not have a compiler, you can download it free here. So that you can apply what I post on this blog.
The following details the Borland C + + that I upload this.

     Size: 85MB in the form. Rar
     Borland C + + is a program of development of the Turbo C + +
     File version: 5:02 final release 1997
     Works on all Windows OS (I use Windows 7 Ultimate)

Borland C++:

     After the download is complete, extract the files Borland C + + 5.02.rar
     Then enter the folder Borland C + + 5:02
     Find the setup file and run.
     When the installer window appears, click nex, next, accept, etc. ..
     Installing Borland's very easy, because they live next course ..
     Without diberitahupun I am sure you can! HAHAHAHA ..
     If successful, it survived, I fail, try again .. wkwkwkwk ..

I'm sure you can install this program. If you successfully installed Borland C + +, then when you open, view Borland C + + would look like this:


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