Friday, 21 October 2011

History of C++ programming

History of C++ programming. Before C + + is created, there is the C programming language created by Brian W. Kerighan and Dennis M. Ritchie about the year 1972. Ten years later, C + + was created by Bjarne Stroustrup, Bell Laboratories, AT & T, in 1983. This language is compatible with the language of his predecessor, C. At first C + + called "a better C". Before finally called C + +. This designation is given by Rick Mascitti in the summer of 1983. As for the + + operator comes from the name of raising the language C.

Privileges in C + + is that this language supports object-oriented programming (OOP: Object Oriented Programming). But still, C + + is a programming language that is a hybrid, not pure object-oriented language. Therefore, the C programming in the early stages can change lanes to C + + step by step.

The main purpose of making the programming language C + + is to increase programming productivity in making an application. In addition, C + + can also reduce kekompleksitasan, especially in large programs consisting of 10,000 lines or more.

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